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P.L.A.Y. (Poetry, Light, Art, You) is conceived as an participatory event score. Via the Periscope mobile platform, folks from all walks of life were invited to broadcast a poem that was focused on the theme of light. Individuals were free to perform texts by published poets, read a poem that they authored, or to improvise on the spot by offering their reflections on how they sought out the light in times of darkness.

Other prompts included the use of the word “light” or “light” could have been interpreted e.g. weight, mood, scientific, environmental, spiritual or visual. The poems could also have taken on the form of a sonnet, haiku, rap, limerick, or riddle.

Check out a short montage of the first iteration of the project which took place at the Illuminus Festival in October 2015 by visiting:

P.L.A.Y. (Poetry,Light,Art,You)
P.L.A.Y. (Poetry,Light,Art,You)
Live art/Participatory score/Internet art/Live mobile feed